Update on why there are no updates

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Hi ESTEST users and community.

I wanted to give you an update as to why there aren't many updates coming out of the ESTEST project lately. Truthfully, it is because I have graduated from the University of California Davis and have found employment at Electronic Arts Inc. I am still serving as system administrator for the ESTEST project and will continue to maintain all websites and user requests. I would like to continue to work on ESTEST as an open source project. I believe in an open source platform for distribute electronic structure knowledge.



Ported ESTEST to Windows

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You should now be able to install ESTEST to Windows, you will need to install Python and other software prerequisites first. Read our installation instructions at http://estest.ucdavis.edu/trac/wiki/Help/InstallGuide 



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Check out the new pymatgen_band_structure_plot plugin in the ESTEST sandbox



Save Comparisons to File

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We've rolled out a new feature in the ESTEST compare transform web page that allows you to save the state of a comparison, all the UR XML documents and their order, to a HTML file. You can save, send, and share this file with collaborators for an exact copy of the comparison of your results. Just click the button

and right-click "Save Page As" the next web page to HTML file.

ESTEST Version 1.4.3 Released!

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Minor updates for ESTEST available in the new version 1.4.3.

Released ESTEST Version 1.4.2!

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This version integrates the new ESTEST Plugin URL Shortener

Short URLs to ESTEST Plugins

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The thing about HTML is that some POST data can be GET data. This allows us to inline the input to ESTEST Plugins and encode a particular post-processing in a URL that can be copy/paste. These URLs can't be too long because of the HTML GET limit; but these can still be too long to read. Therefore we've implemented a script to shorten these URLs to ESTEST Plugins using goo.gl. Just click the button in the input_form page of most plugins

Go ahead give these links a try

http://goo.gl/gimrZ (SiO2 energy versus volume fit)

http://goo.gl/WdXDQ (Si band structures by Qbox and Quantum Espresso)

http://goo.gl/DKSMJ (Fe density of states)


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We've added RSS to ESTEST servers 100 newest uploads by users that are made public. All ESTEST server will have their own feed.

ESTEST Version 1.4.1 Released!

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Download http://estest.ucdavis.edu/download

This version contains an update to collections.xconf that is the file to configure the search indexes in eXist-db. So re-index the "/db/estest/db" collection admins!

Import Publications from Mendeley to ESTEST

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A new tool to import publication entries from Mendeley is available in ESTEST account manager toolbox. Just click the button "Mendeley Import" and authorize our application to access your account. You can select publications from your Mendeley library or folders.