ESTEST Downloading UR XML Documents

There are a few ways to download the raw XML of Unified Representation (UR) formatted documents stored by the ESTEST eXist-db database. These documents are useful to download in order to perform post-processing beyond the capability of ESTEST such as advanced visualization of data.

One at a time

Any UR XML document can be downloaded to the browser one at a time by clicking on the link to "Download Source UR XML" on the summary page of the document. This is the same as loading the raw.xql XQuery transform into the browser with the uuid GET parameter set to the UUID of the document. You can of course wget any number of these UUIDs by generating their URLs via a script.

Batch download

You can download multiple UR XML files all at once by saving them to the list of currently saved records that is equivalent to adding the UUID to the UUIDS cookie. Then by clicking the [Download All] link in the list of currently saved records interface or the Download button on the account manager interface; a file prompt will give you the option to download a gzipped tar archive of the UR XML files.

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