Configuring Communication with External ESTEST Servers

This document describes how to configure your ESTEST server, herein referred to as the interface server, to communicate with external ESTEST servers provided by other hosts. This will enable cross-server searching, comparison, viewing, and downloading of UR records.

Me and Them


Two XML documents describe the configuration of the interface server and external servers to work within a group of connected ESTEST servers. These XML documents are directly stored in the eXist-db database at /db/estest/etc/me.xml and /db/estest/db/them.xml`. Please read the schema description for these documents here.

The me.xml document describes the details for the interface server. This information should correspond to your ESTEST server. For example, a localhost (test) server could be configured as

    <alias prefix="" port="" proxy=":8080">http://localhost</alias>

The them.xml document describes the details for a list of external servers you wish to communicate with. For example, you may communicate with the ESTEST server hosted at UC Davis.

    <alias prefix="0-" port="" proxy=":8080"></alias>
  <!--un-comment the above line to search the ESTEST server @ UC Davis-->

Video Tutorial

A word on preventing remote requests

Currently the ESTEST software does not support a ALLOW/DENY type mechanism to stop remote requests to your server from other ESTEST servers. If you do not want to be searched you can: ask the other server to remove you from their external server list or configure your web server or firewall to disallow remote requests.

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