ESTEST Installation Guide

  1. Prerequisites
    1. Apache HTTPD Web Server (tested with >= 2.2.x). You should also configure with the following optional modules: proxy_module, proxy_http_module
    2. Check your system meets the necessary Python library requirements.
    3. A mail SMTP server, sendmail works
    4. Download and install eXist-db (quick start guide)
    5. ia32 shared libraries for use on amd64 and ia64 systems
  1. Start the eXist-db server
  1. Download a stable ESTEST source archive and the ESTEST 3rd party library archive
  1. Unpack the ESTEST source archive
    1. change directory into the unpacked directory, i.e. the root directory of ESTEST
    2. unpack the 3rd party library archive
      $ ls
        estest-{version}.tar  estest-3rdparty.tar
      $ tar -xf estest-{version}.tar

You may want to rename the unpacked directory to something more standard

$ mv estest-{version} estest
$ cd estest
$ tar -xf ../estest-3rdparty.tar
  1. Start the installation process by using the Makefile
    $ make install
    1. answer the questions during setup (typescript for v1.4.2)

These instructions can be found in POST_INSTALL.txt

  1. Check the copy of .site-packages/ and the preset variables

6b. You may need to add the .site-packages directory path to your PYTHONPATH environment variable

  1. Include the contents of httpd.sample.include.conf into your Apache HTTPD configuration file
  1. Start your Apache web server and go to http://localhost/estest (default) and check the installation is correct

Video tutorial found here

Tutorials for previous versions

=< v0.9.7 < v0.9.9

v*.*.* < v0.9.7

Windows Installation

Prerequisite Software

  • 7zip - put the path to 7z.exe in Windows "Path" environment variable, e.g. "C:\Program Files\7-Zip"


  1. Install all the prerequisite softwares
  2. Complete up to and including step 4 of the general installation process above
  3. Open a cmd terminal in estest-v#.#.# folder
  4. Set estestRootDir=%CD%
    $ set estestRootDir=%CD%
  5. Run scripts\setup\install.bat and follow the interactive instructions
    $ scripts\setup\install.bat
  6. Confirm that .site-packages\ and httpd.sample.include.conf were created and configure Apache HTTPD to use the contents of httpd.sample.include.conf
  7. Run your Apache & eXist-db servers and open http://localhost/estest in your web browser to confirm working order
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