ESTEST Configuring Lucene Indexing

This page is DEPRECATED just use the installer!

This document describes how to configure eXist to enable lucene indexing for the collection /db/estest/db, this is required for searching the database.

eXist uses a full text indexing module based on Apache Lucene, if this is unfamiliar to you consult the documentation for more information on the general aspects of lucene including how to enable the module.

Once the lucene module is properly enabled (as it should be by default), create a file named collection.xconf in the collection /db/system/config/db/estest/db with the following contents

<collection xmlns="">
    <fulltext default="none" attributes="false">

      <analyzer class="org.apache.lucene.analysis.standard.StandardAnalyzer"/>
      <text match="/est_ur/est_ann/keywords" boost="2.0" />
      <text match="/est_ur/est_ann/keywords/word" boost="3.0" />
      <text match="/est_ur/@uuid" />
      <text match="/est_ur/qm_data/@id" />
      <text match="/est_ur/publication/@id" />
      <text match="/est_ur/est_ann/revision/created/@by" />
      <text match="/est_ur/est_data/program" />
      <text qname="article_title" />

Change directory back to the database root /db and then re-index the estest collection by single clicking on estest (to highlight the collection) and then clicking "File->Reindex collection" or typing CTRL+i on the keyboard. After the collection is re-indexed lucene search is enabled for ESTEST.

Restricted Lucene Fields

All text to be searched using lucene indexing must not possess any of the following special characters:

+ - && || ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ " ~ * ? : \ _
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