ESTEST Modules

ESTEST is shipped with several code modules diabled by default. To enable these modules you will need to configure them in ESTEST

The table below gives these modules and links to documentation

Module Documentation Dependents
Google API ESTEST Plugin URL Shortener
Mendeley API Mendeley Publication Importer

Google API

The Google API is required for the ESTEST Plugin URL shortener CGI service that uses the URL shortener API. We require that you specify the API Key


LDAP or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol helps manage registered users between ESTEST and other web assets that may be part of the server environment; for example, Drupal, Trac, etc. To use LDAP you will have to host your own LDAP server; we recommend OpenDS.

Mendeley API

The Mendeley API is a way to access Mendeley users' libraries and paper entries. The ESTEST Mendeley Publication Importer application reads the DOI# of users' papers and imports them directly. We require you specify a consumer key and consumer secret for your Mendeley Application.

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