Search Filter Pipelines

With the release of ESTEST version 1.2.0, support for search filter pipelines have been implemented. In short, search filter pipelines are a way to refine a set of search results by matching additional query terms joined by the logical AND at each filtration. The set of search results should not increase for any additional filter applied.

\      / search
 \    /  filter (search results)
  \  /   filter
   \/    results

Again, the pipeline of search terms is joined by AND such that the set of search results produced should match every term in the query sequence.

query1 & query2 & query3 -> results

To filter any set of search results simply click the button

This will redirect to the advanced search page where you can enter the next query from any of the available terms and options on this page.

To perform a new search or begin another search pipeline, simply click the

on the same page. Or redirect manually to the search index or advanced search index web page(s).

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