Software Update

The way to update your distribution of ESTEST will vary depending on the type of source distribution you have installed. Commonly, you will have either a versioned source tree using Mercurial (hg) or an archived (unrevisioned) source tree directory of a particular revision.

Mercurial (hg)

Mercurial users can usually just use the hg pull and hg update commands.

Archived distribution

If you have an archived distribution (downloaded from a tarball), then you can either download and re-install the latest tarball distribution (recommended); or, you can attempt to patch to the latest version (not recommended). Help can be found here for diff/patch.

Post Update

Always make sure you have the latest dependencies after a software update, for example the Python libraries may have changed. Additionally, you may have to run the installation setup script again; in the root ESTEST distribution directory

$ make install

Updating translators/plugins

Plugins and translators in ESTEST can be updated independently of the rest of ESTEST provided that the installation uses the SVN version of the translator/plugin directories. See,

ESTEST Subversion

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