ESTEST Terminology

Here is a list of terms that have specific meaning when speaking of ESTEST.

  • ESTEST, pronounced "ES-Test" and stands for "Electronic Structure Test" is a XML based framework for the verification, validation, and comparison of electronic structure codes and simulations.
  • External Server, any ESTEST server accessed by the interface server; usually to share search results and UR document data.
  • Interface Server, The ESTEST server that has the same the URL address as the one currently being displayed by the browser.
  • Record, Any UR XML document saved by UUID in the cookie UUIDS.
  • Relation, a bilateral connection between two UR documents to be considered as vaguely "having something to do with each other".
  • Unified Representation, the single format of documents stored by ESTEST to represent physical and meta data from all sources of codes and simulation.
  • UR, Unified Representation.
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