Understanding Document Permissions

This document will help you to understand how to set the permissions of the documents you upload.

Document Owner Permissions

By default, the owner of the document (the person who made the upload) has full permissions over that document: read, write, and update. These owner permissions are immutable. Only the document owner reserves the permission to permanently rename or delete their document. The difference between the write and update permissions is that write also includes the permission to delete a document.

Group Permissions

The group permission grants read and update privileges to document by all users within a group. A user can belong to one or more group(s) and by default every registered ESTEST user belongs to the "users" group. The document owner can grant the group permission on a per-document basis and can assign the group to each document as well.

Other (World) Permissions

World permissions give anyone visiting an ESTEST server website to read the document with this privilege. The world permission is also necessary for any document to be visible in the search results of ESTEST.

Default Permissions

By default an ESTEST server will initialize permissions for every document a user uploads. This is usually rwur-ur--. An individual user, however, can override the default permissions assigned to his/her document(s) on creation through changing his/her account settings.

Sharing Documents (Changing Permissions)

The account manager interface offers a simple way to grant or remove permissions from your documents. To change the permissions of one or more document(s): first select the documents by clicking their checkboxes. Then under "document actions" click

This will bring up the sharing interface widget above "document actions"

Group World

You can then check/uncheck any combination of the boxes under "Group" and "World" (and click the ✓ button) to grant/deny those permissions for the document(s) under consideration.

Sharing Documents (Changing Groups)

To change the group documents belongs to: first select the documents by their checkboxes. Then under "document actions" click

This will bring up the group assignment widget above "document actions"

Use the select menu to choose the group to assign to the documents and click ∴ to assign the group.

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