ESTEST Web UI Limitations

Cookie Limitations

There are a number of important limitations on the use of cookies by Web site developers. 
This is because cookies are intended to be used only for infrequent storage of small amounts of data 
on the user's machine. Although how much cookie information is stored and for how long is up to the 
browser makers, the following limits generally apply:

300 	Cookies total
20	Cookies per server (not per page or site)
4K of data 	Per cookie (both the name and value of the cookie count towards this limit)

ESTEST uses a cookie to store UUIDs for use in several components of the web interface and this cookie is limited to 4K in size that is around 99 UUIDs.

However, this limit is not the case in modern browsers that support HTML5 localStorage

CGI Request Limit

By default ESTEST sets the LimitRequestBody parameter in Apache to 10MB. This means that POST/GET requests to the ESTEST server cannot exceed 10MB and can limit the size of I/O simulation files uploaded. This default can help to prevent high server loads and DDOS.

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